Fireman Sam Vehicles

Since becoming the master toy licensee, UK toy maker Character Options have released a good range of Fireman Sam vehicle and accessory sets.

These accurately detailed Fireman Sam toys are perfectly scaled to the Fireman Sam figures and playsets and all feature much improved sound effects. Many of the vehicles have never been released previously by any other licensee.

To find every single vehicle released so far use the dropdown menus above for more details and pictures. As soon as we get details of any new vehicles we add them to the site, so bookmark us and keep checking back regularly for the very latest on new vehicle releases.

Fireman Sam's Jupiter Fire Engine

Fireman Sam's Jupiter Fire Engine

The ultimate Fireman Sam toy, without which no collection would be complete is, of course, Fireman Sam’s Fire Engine Jupiter. Unlike previous versions, Character Options Jupiter actually plays the Fireman Sam theme tune as well as well-known phrases from the show. This Jupiter fire engine also has opening doors and an extendable fireman’s ladder.

Fireman Sam Toys

Fireman Sam Rescue Helicopter

Available too is the Pontypandy Rescue Helicopter which also features musical sound effects, opening doors and turning rotors.

Also available in the Fireman Sam toy vehicle range is the Ambulance which comes with a paramedic and medical bag.

Fireman Sam Ambulance

Fireman Sam Toy Ambulance

The Nurse Flood figure comes with an emergency medical bag. This is actually the first release of the Helen Flood figure.

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Mike’s Van
Quad Bike
Rescue Helicopter
Rescue Vehicle