Fireman Sam Plush

Fireman Sam Plush Toys

There are a number of Fireman Sam plush toys to collect in a range sizes.

In the smaller scale, top UK toy maker Character Options have released their Collectable Plush figures of Tom Thomas, Norman, Fireman Sam in Helmet and Fireman Sam in Ocean Rescue Gear. These stand approximately 10cm high and have a hard plastic sculpted head which allows for a greater degree of accuracy. The bodies are made of soft plush fabrics.

The smaller plush figures have been available for a few years. At the time of writing they have just gone through a repackaging process according to a new updated Fireman Sam style guide.

Character have also released larger scale Talking Plush figures. You can get Norman Talking Plush and Fireman Sam Talking Plush. On these large plush toys you squeeze the left hand to hear the character say classic phrases from the show.

Fireman Sam Talking Plush