Nurse Helen Flood

Nurse Flood Figure

Nurse Helen Flood

Helen Flood is the Pontypandy nurse and ambulance driver. She’s married to handyman Mike Flood and mother of Mandy.

Nurse Flood

Nurse Flood Figure by Character Options

At the time of writing the Nurse Flood figure is exclusive to the Fireman Sam Ambulance set. The Ambulance set includes Helen’s First Aid Box accessory.

Nurse Flood (Reverse)
You can find the Nurse Helen Flood figure on auction sites, though currently you do have to pay more than for most other single figures.

Helen Flood and Mike Flood

Helen and Mike Flood

Nurse Helen Flood is married to handyman Mike Flood.

Penny, Nurse Flood and Dilys Price

Penny, Nurse Flood & Dilys Price

The main female characters in Fireman Sam are Penny, Nurse Flood and Dilys Price.

Nurse Flood Comparison

Nurse Flood by Born to Play & Nurse Flood by Character Options

Character Options’ Nurse Flood is a much better figure than the earlier Born to Play version. Though smaller in scale it has far more detail and is very well painted.