Firemans Pole Accessory Pack

This Figure and Accessory Pack features the Pontypandy Fire Station fireman’s pole for sliding down in an emergency.

Fireman's Pole Figure and Accesory Pack

Figure and Accesory Pack

Other accessories included are two trees, two road cones and a firefighter’s toolbox.

Three Fireman Sam figures are supplied; Fireman Sam, Officer Steele and Elvis Cridlington.

This set is worth getting if you don’t already have the three figures, particularly Elvis Cridlington. The Fireman’s Pole accessory is a nice display piece but has very limited play value. Still, you can clip on a figure and send it whirling down the pole.

This set was first released in 2010 and is the first release by Character of the Elvis Cridlington figure.

Fireman's Pole Accessory Pack

Fireman's Pole Accessory Pack with Station Officer Steele, Fireman Sam and Elvis Cridlington

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