Ertl Fireman Sam Toys

Vintage ERTL Wind Up Fireman Sam Figure

Ertl were one of the very first toy companys to release a range of Fireman Sam toys.

The ERTL Wind Up Walking Figure of Fireman Sam is possibly the very first Fireman Sam figure.

ERTL Fireman Sam Figure

ERTL Fireman Sam Wind-Up Walking Figure

Ertl also released two versions of Jupiter. A smaller carded die cast carded Jupiter fire engine. Plus the much larger boxed Motorized Pull Back and Go Jupiter.

Die-Cast Jupiter by ERTL

Die-Cast Jupiter by ERTL

From 1988 American toy specialist ERTL produced their die-cast version of Jupiter. This was a carded Jupiter in a blister pack, ‘Jupiter The Pontypandy Fire Engine’.

The ERTL Jupiter, registration Jupiter 999, was all metal with a plastic base, approximately 3″ in length.

ERTL also released their ‘Motorised’ Fireman Sam Jupiter Fire Engine. This was a larger scale fire engine with pull back and go action which came boxed.