Fireman Sam Scooters

Fireman Sam Rescue Scooter

Look out for two brilliant new Fireman Scooters from MV Sports.

The Fireman Sam Rescue Light and Sound Scooter is a must-have for the younger fan. Not only does it feature three flashing blue lights on each side, but also real life fire engine sound effects.

So slap on your blues on twos as you scoot nee naahing down the road to the next emergency! Fireman Sam to the Rescue with this fab Light and Sound Scooter.

Since you are going to want to put out the fire when you get there, MV have now come up with the sensational real working Fire Extinguisher Tri-Scooter.

The Fire Extinguisher Scooter has a refillable plastic ‘fire extinguisher’ bottle on the front which works equally well for soaking mum and dad!

Who needs Jupiter when MV Sports have come up with such a terrific fleet of Fireman Sam scooters?

Fireman Sam Scooter with Fire Extinguisher

Fire Extinguisher Scooter