Fireman Sam Figure Collection

Fireman Sam Complete Set of Figures

A full set of Fireman Sam figures is relatively easy to come by.

Here’s a full checklist of all the figures so far:-

Fireman Sam
Fireman Sam in Oxygen Gear
Fireman Sam in Sea Rescue Gear
Fireman Sam in Quad Bike Helmet
Fireman Sam with Fire Axe
Fireman Sam with Megaphone
Station Officer Steele
Elvis Cridlington
Tom Thomas
Tom Thomas in Flight Helmet
Penny in Sea Rescue Gear
Dilys Price
Norman Price
Mike Flood
Nurse Flood

Though perhaps more accessories than figures, you can also find Lion, Woolly and Lambykins. Lion the cat is exclusive to the Pontypandy Multi Rescue Set. Wooly and Lamb are exclusive to the Figure Accessory Pack with Sam, Tom and Norman.

Also more of an accessory than a figure, Fireman Sam’s Fire Training Mannequin can be found in the Training Tower Playset

New Fireman Sam figures will be released soon and we’ll have an early heads up and further updates soon, so bookmark this page and share it with your friends.

In Spring 2013 two brand new variants of the Fireman Sam figure were released. Fireman Sam with Megaphone is available in a twinpack with Elvis Cridlington. Fireman Sam with Fire Axe is found in a twinpack with Station Officer Steele.

Collecting Fireman Sam figures is great fun and very achievable. With a little persistence you can collect the whole set!